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Experience The Future With Artificial Intelligence And Computer Vision Technologies
Who We Are

Dilu Technologies is one of leader in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision in Singapore. Our strength is in our research and development capabilities from facial recognition to people attributes identification, from license plate recognition to objective tracking and speed detection.

Over the past years, we have delivered technology solutions to our clients, resulting in measurable increase in operational efficiency, reductions in overall cost, enhancement in security and improvement in convenience.

Our algorithms have been deployed in the fields of facility management (condominiums, offices, carparks and worksites), retail, finance, immigration checkpoints and artificial reality applications.

Our company name, Dilu, came from a legendary horse from the Three Kingdoms era that runs a thousand miles a day. From the very beginning, it was in Dilu’s DNA to accelerate technology adoption by clients in various industries. Today Dilu Technologies is home engineers and researchers from renowned institutions, and our clients trusted us not only because of our expertise as technology innovators but also our constant quests for better solutions. We are committed to assist our clients experience the future of technology. We look forward to working with you.